Vanilla Sky

Intervista ESCLUSIVA! Vanilla Sky per The Metal Up!

Giacomo Voli!

Solo per voi: l'intervista allo strepitoso Giacomo Voli


Di seguito la Strepitosa Intervista fatta ai DESTRAGE!!!


L’intervista a una delle migliori realtà Italiane!

Intervista ai DESMA

Di seguito l'intervista esclusiva fatta ai DESMA

Notizie più Recenti!

By now, everyone remember him as the outspoken Rock metal singer that appeared on the Xfactor show when he outburst against the judges; meanwhile he is working on some new songs including his new single that will soon be released called "Dangerous" with an English record label, here he is in the company of the great progressive metal band, his idol lead singer from the Dream Theater band, JamesLabrie.

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