Vanilla Sky

Intervista ESCLUSIVA! Vanilla Sky per The Metal Up!

Giacomo Voli!

Solo per voi: l'intervista allo strepitoso Giacomo Voli


Di seguito la Strepitosa Intervista fatta ai DESTRAGE!!!


L’intervista a una delle migliori realtà Italiane!

Intervista ai DESMA

Di seguito l'intervista esclusiva fatta ai DESMA

Notizie più Recenti!

A track by track video review of "When Darkness Calls"  with the new power metal band Reverence vocalist Todd Michael Halls, about the bands debut cd

Reverence's "Vengeance Is Mine" the latest release off their debut cd "When Darkness Calls" Turn it up!!

My GlobalMind Webzine- 10/10

The Music Border- 9.8/10

Metal-Temple- 10/10 Masterpiece

Rate Your Music- 4.5/5

Hard Rock haven- 9/10

Reverence's debut studio album 'When Darkness Calls" can NOW be purchased exclusively on the band's official online store:

As well as Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, Spotify and many others.


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