Interview with resounding Ewan Dobson

TheMetalUp - Hello Ewan, nice to meet you. First, tell us a little about you.

Ewan Dobson - In the very beginning, I was enjoying the music of the children’s artist, Raffi. Then one day when I was eight years old, I saw the music video for “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue, and was fascinated by the sound of the guitar. I immediately requested lessons and began to learn on an acoustic guitar. I learned the basic techniques of acoustic guitar for about two years before acquiring my first electric guitar. The music that I listened to became heavier and heavier, progressing from Motley Crue to Judas Priest then leading to Metallica and Megadeth. I continued with electric guitar up until the age of 15 when I discovered classical guitar. I took roughly six years of private classical guitar lessons with a teacher at the University of Toronto. Pursuing both electric and classical guitar over the next few years, I increased my knowledge of both technique and style.

TheMetalUp -  How long you play the guitar?

Ewan Dobson - 23 years.  I tried electric guitar for metal, bluegrass guitar, and classical guitar.

TheMetalUp -  Did the conservatory and specific studies?

Ewan Dobson - Classical guitar lessons with Dr. Alvin Tung of University of Toronto.  6 years of private lessons.

TheMetalUp -  What kind of guitar do you use?

Ewan Dobson - Stonebridge 23CR and a Michael Lagundo fanfret.

TheMetalUp -  How many albums have been in business?

Ewan Dobson-
Ewan Dobson – Guitar (2007 Independent)
Ewan Dobson – The Red Army Love Potion (2008 Independent)
Ewan Dobson – Healthy Obsession (2009 Independent)
Ewan Dobson – I (2009 Candyrat Records)
Ewan Dobson – II (2010 Candyrat Records)
Ewan Dobson – III (2012 Candyrat Records)
Ewan Dobson – World Candies (2012 Independent)
Ewan Dobson – Acoustic Metal (2013 Candyrat Records)

TheMetalUp -  Who is your favorite guitarist?

Ewan Dobson - I have enjoyed Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rex Carroll, David Russell, Fabio Zanon, Leo Kottke, Jason Becker, Tony Rice, Don Ross.

TheMetalUp -  Who have you worked! And who would you like to collaborate in the future?

Ewan Dobson - I met Jason Becker in 2011 and he gave me the sheet music to his song “Higher.”  I was given permission to arrange it for fingerstyle guitar.  That was sort of a collaboration, an awesome one!  It is on my latest album released through Candyrat Records, “Acoustic Metal.”
I also worked with Zack Bevelacqua, an American drummer now living in Slovenia.  He plays drums on my Acoustic Metal album, CD 1.  The second CD is all instrumental guitar.  Working with Zack was awesome.  The guy is a workhorse and we were able to have all the parts done within 3 weeks.
No plans to collaborate with anyone right now.

TheMetalUp -  Besides the guitar, what are your hobbies?

Ewan Dobson - Using a juicer to make juice from beets, lemons, carrots, apples and spinach.  Running, swimming.

TheMetalUp - What is your biggest dream?

Ewan Dobson - To travel through time as an invincible immortal with the option to terminate my existence if I so please.  This way, if immortality is unbearable, I still have the option to live life as a mortal and escape.

TheMetalUp -  What do you suggest to those who approach the world of music?

Ewan Dobson - Get ready to work hard and suffer the death of your illusions.

TheMetalUp -  Cool Ewan we concluded.


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