Intervista Funeral Suits (Eng)

Interview from a Dublin rock band Funeral Suits!

TheMetalUp :  Hello guys, tell me about story of the band...

 Funeral Suits : Well I had a post up on an internet forum for a drummer and Greg replied to that and we started playing together. Me and Brian met through a friend. We both had similar dreams of a band. And Darragh joined a bit later when we needed a fourth member. Brian and Darragh grew up in the same area and had played in bands together before.

TheMetalUp :  Your kind of music is really particular, you redo to any particular artist?

Funeral Suits : We're influenced by lots of bands. We don't try and recreate what they do we have some definite influences. We all really like Radiohead, The Knife, Grizzly Bear, U2, Bjork, Maccabees, Mogwai...... We really like what bands like this have done. They all have their own distinct sound and always release quality material. That what we'd like to do.

TheMetalUp :  Tell us about your new album...

Funeral Suits :  Its called 'Lily of the Valley'. We'd be playing together for two years or so when we released it. We wrote alot of songs in that time before got a collection together that we really liked. Most of the songs carry the same themes of seeing the world through new eyes as you start to grow up. We recorded it with Stephen Street (Blur, Cranberries, The Smiths). It was a nice process and we've been enjoying touring it.

TheMetalUp :  You are in Dublin, how do you find the situation musicals currently in Ireland?

Funeral Suits :  We live between Dublin and London at the moment but we would have more of connection with the Irish music scene. Its really good at the moment. When i started playing in bands i don't think it was so good but now we have bands like Villagers, Cast of Cheers, James Vincent McMorrow, Sisters, Mmoths and lots more. It seems to be a pretty creative time for young Irish music. 

TheMetalUp :  One of your songs that represents you the most?

Funeral Suits : Oh i don't know. We really see them as a collection so I wouldn't like to pick one. It really is an album in the true sense of the word. All the songs sound better and make better sense when they are played together.

TheMetalUp : There really liked the video for'''' All Those friendly people'' you can talk to some of his accomplishment?

Funeral Suits : We never expected to get such a reaction from any one song. We're really proud of the album as a whole but its really nice that people are listening to All those friendly people and finding us through that. A good friend of ours called Shaun Ryan worked on the video for us. We've worked on two other videos with him. He's a really great guy and its nice to be able to work with your friends.

TheMetalUp : What is the reaction of people to your shows?

Funeral Suits : Pretty good. We've been getting alot more people to shows since we released the album and more and more people know the words to the songs. We get surprised at some shows when we see how many people know the words. Its great. We love playing live.

TheMetalUp : Have you ever been in Italy? if you are, what you like or what is not?

Funeral Suits :  Yes. We did four dates earlier this year. We really liked it. The landscape and towns are beautiful and the people are very welcoming. Driving in Rome is a bit nerve wrecking but apart from that its all good. We're playing one show over the summer but we can't announce that just yet!

TheMetalUp : As for journalism in the rock, do you believe his job well today?

Funeral Suits :   Its hard to say. I think journalism in music has changed alot more so in mainstream publications. But you'll always have good music journalism. We might just have to look for it a little bit more.

TheMetalUp : Many claimed that the music made him change his life, that relationship you have with it?

Funeral Suits :   Once you release an album its not yours anymore. Its for people to take what they want from it. The music and lyrics on the record are really honest from us about how we see the world and maybe some people have connected with that in ways.

TheMetalUp : What are your future projects?

Funeral Suits :   We'll be working on a second record until the end of this year.

TheMetalUp : Sometimes, indeed often .. the media affect the artists' music, bringing out commercial music, what do you think about that?

Funeral Suits :   That's true. I don't know what to say about it though to be honest. Different people are musicians for different reasons and have different motivations. Some want to be famous some are artists and express themselves through music. Some are in between. I think theres enough of all kinds in the world to satisfy everyone.

TheMetalUp : Well, we thank you for your time hope to hearing from you soon maybe with a new album. Good luck for your musical career!

Funeral Suits :   Thanks!

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